2014 in Stats

cropped-apaki_4.jpg2014 is now ending and 2015 is almost upon us. It has even arrived in some countries already, as a matter of fact. But this year was a very important one for me. I started this blog in July of this year and it was much more successful than I ever thought it would be. It might not be a sensation yet, but its my baby and I’m proud of it and even more proud of you, the readers, for visiting and reading my posts. Without further ado, let’s talk numbers.

  • In 5 months, this blog was visited by 5,602 people. Is that not awesome, I ask you?
  • The blog was viewed 9,005 times and counting! I had to refresh that stat twice while typing this post. To put this in perspective, a big tent at the Oktoberfest seats about 4000 people inside and outside. This means more than two tents full of beer drinkers and sausage munchers.
  • The most popular three posts on this blog (in that order) are: German Forts & Castles: Neuschwanstein Castle, German Forts & Castles: Hohenzollern Castle and Top 10 Best German Celebrities.
  • The two countries with the most viewers by far are Germany (3,878) and the USA (1,913). I welcome visits from all countries and this is a chance for people from other parts of the world to visit this blog even more and start a competition for viewership here.
  • People from a whopping 97 countries viewed the blog in 5 months! There were visitors from as far away as Ghana, Guadaloupe, Iceland and even Albania.
  • And, finally, this is post number 50 for this blog.

Dear readers, thank you for visiting my blog and making it a success. It is because of you that I enjoy writing here. You are the best, seriously. I wish you all a very happy new year and wish that you would all come back to visit this blog. In the meantime, have fun, tell your friends and family about this blog as well, and let’s together make 2015 an even better year

See you all in 2015.


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