Appearing tonight on the BBC!!!

apaki_logo_circle_1Hi everyone. Today’s a great day for me and my blog. I’ll be making a brief appearance on the BBC WM service 95.6 FM tonight at 18.50 / 6.50 pm GMT (19.50 / 7.50 pm German time). The show is called Midlands Masala and starts at 18.00 / 6 pm GMT (19.00 / 7 pm German time). Every year a German Christmas market comes to Birmingham and they want to get my perspective on that and some other things. How cool is that, right?!

Now y’all must be wondering how you can listen to the show if you’re not in the UK. Well, here’s how: either go to the BBC WM website and listen live or listen on TuneIn Radio. In case you miss the show, you can also listen on the official Midlands Masala page using the BBC iPlayer for 3-4 days after the show airs.

This is a great moment for me and I hope people visiting my blog and reading my posts would take a few minutes and listen to the show.


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