How Germany Has Changed Me

I have been in Germany since about 4 years now and living here has brought about some changes in me. I thought it would be a good idea to document those changes. Here is what I hope would be the first of many posts about what changes I see in my daily life because of living in Germany and picking up things from the Germans.

  1. I am now more punctual and almost always on time.
  2. I don’t stare at white people now. For some perspective, read my post about staring in Germany.

    Everybody dreads seeing this at the Hauptbahnhof.

    Everybody dreads seeing this at the Hauptbahnhof.

  3. Even though I come from a third world country, whenever a train is late, I complain and lament about the Deutsche Bahn like everyone else.
  4. I treat a meeting time as an appointment – even for friends – and am angry if they’re late.
  5. Bitter Lemon and Apfelschorle have become my favorite drinks.
  6. I have been known to enjoy Brötchen with lettuce and cheese for breakfast.
  7. Recycling trash has become second nature to me.
  8. Pfand is now more like a way of life for me. I have walked for hours with a Pfandflasche on me in the hopes of finding an Automat and getting my moolah back.
  9. I no longer automatically switch to English when using an ATM machine.
  10. German dairy products are now my life savers. Specially Quark and Frischkäse.
  11. I always carry plastic or cloth bags when shopping and my shopping list is divided by the options available in my local Einkaufszentrum.
  12. I usually – but not always – walk on the right side of the pavement.
  13. I almost never cross the street when there is no pedestrian crossing.
  14. I can now distinguish between a southern, central, Austrian and Swiss German accent.
  15. Hey, alles klar bei dir?” has become my greeting of choice among good friends.
  16. I have started inventing my own German words and names for German dialects.
  17. I wear Hausschuhe and make my bed German style.
  18. I check the weather before I go out of the house and equip myself for any anomaly. Read more about German preparedness here.
  19. I don’t talk to strangers in public places or on public transportation and give irritated stares at those indulging in this vile habit.
  20. I like consistency and have begun detesting spontaneity. Although from time to time the inner Pakistani comes out and I go do something really spontaneous.
  21. Never an avid fan of Football, I can now name almost all players on the German National Football Team and followed their exploits in the recent FIFA World Cup.

    Meet the Bratwurst: an essential part of the German grilling experience.

    Meet the Bratwurst: an essential part of the German grilling experience.

  22. I have wholeheartedly embraced Germans’ favorite summer past time: grilling during day time. (I say day time because in Pakistan we almost always do it in the evenings.)
  23. A sunny day – which in Pakistan meant unbearable heat – has now become my long lost friend.
  24. A rainy day – which constitutes good weather in Pakistan – is now my most hated thing about autumn in Germany.

    The Ordnungsamt: for without order there will be only chaos.

    The Ordnungsamt: for without order there will be only chaos.

  25. Ordnung muss sein. That is my new life philosophy even though I come from one of the most unorganized countries ever. Read more about the importance of Ordnung in Germany here.
  26. Like any good German, I also dread a visit to any Amt and later complain about the bureaucracy and red tape.

3 thoughts on “How Germany Has Changed Me

  1. Do you know those expressions Germans have which begin with “Wenn man in Deutschland ist…”. Well, I encountered a lot of them in the beginning and decided to assimilate. But, my German girlfriend is now more Pakistani in some things than me 😀


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