Germany 101: Germans…prepared for anything, anytime

If Germany has a national brand it’s Jack Wolfskin. Almost everyone no matter their age or size has a Jack Wolfskin parka. And this affinity for Jack Wolfskin parkas shows that Germans are prepared for any type of weather phenomenon, anytime. Today it was raining but the temperature was really mild. I was out in the city doing some last minute food shopping and was the only one not wearing a Jack Wolfskin parka. In fact, I was the only one in shorts and flip flops.

Let me demonstrate to you how well prepared Germans really are. A couple of days ago I was at

A woman wearing a Jack Wolfskin outdoor parka.

A woman wearing a Jack Wolfskin outdoor parka.

the train station waiting for the train. It was a bright, sunny day with clear skies. Not a cloud as far as the eye could see. Some Germans walked by wearing outdoor jackets and hoodies. It must be mentioned here that the temperature was a whopping 35°C (95°F) – arguably the hottest day of the year. At first I couldn’t believe my eyes at what I was seeing! I whipped out my cell phone and checked the weather app. Turns out, the forecast was drizzle in the evening. That is the level of preparedness an average German has, folks.

Germans also equate the outdoors with the Amazon rain forest. A simple stroll in the woods* would mean their Jack Wolfskin jackets would need to be whipped out, hiking boots would be worn, flashlights would be packed and any assorted items necessary for eking out a post apocalyptic existence in the woods would be available at a moment’s notice. These guys do not kid around, people.

But jokes aside, the level of concentration and preparedness of ordinary people here is amazing. This is reflected in the day to day things and the work ethic that the Germans bring to their jobs. That is one of the reasons Germans are the most productive workers in the EU**.

*Germany is a really green country with a lot of woods.

**If you are interested in this topic, check out this documentary.


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