What do I care how old he/she is?!

Sometimes Germany completely throws me off. One example of this is the obsession with letting people know other people’s ages. Often in news reports you would hear about how a 26 year old killed a 52 year old. Who cares how old they were?! Someone killed someone for Christ’s sake! But I could excuse this in the news, but other TV programs do it as well.

Like most Western countries, Germany has white trash too. And Germans love a bit of drama at the expense of others, like most of us and German TV provides it. Nay, it embraces it in it’s daytime programming. There are shows about unemployed families fighting among themselves, partying teenagers in Mallorca or Ibiza, etc.However, in such shows, the audience is kept apprised of everyone’s ages. The narrator saying something like, “The 25 year old from Bad Hersfeld* was in Mallorca for a vacation, but ended up finding love…” isn’t unheard of. And the worst thing is when these facts are repeated over and over. The 25 year old now does this, then that and so on.

I talked to some of my German friends about it and they found it odd that I found this odd. The reckoned that it was because age was granted a lot of importance in Germany. Older people are seen wiser. Whatever the reason, I find it really odd.


* Totally made that name up, instantly searched it on Google Maps and turns out it’s for real!


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