World Cup Fever

Germany is a really unpatriotic country and Germans are, as a rule, quite unpatriotic and critical about their country. When I say unpatriotic, I mean it in a good way. They don’t tend to beat their chests and refuse to admit their country is in the wrong about anything. However, every four years the FIFA World Cup takes place and Germans stock up on everything the color of their flag. There is an impressive display of flags, garlands, glasses, suits, shades and all paraphernalia to support Die Mannshaft. During the World Cup, there is a feeling that it’s okay to be patriotic and German, just until the team plays the last match. Pakistan currently ranks 164th in the world football rankings. Naturally, I am supporting Germany as well.

Germans watch football matches – do not call it soccer, it just pisses them off – publicly in so called Public Viewing venues. There’s a carnival like atmosphere at these places where the game is shown on a big screen, various grilled sausages are available in chewy Brötchen (bread rolls, Google them) and beer is liberally drunk. At a Germany match, you will get the inevitable chants of “Deutschland! Deutschland!” which slur with each passing second of the game and are incoherent by the time it ends. If Germany makes it into the semi-finals – like it has in this World Cup – the chants change to “Deutschland Finale!” which basically means “Germany for the final!”

As you might have noticed by now, there is no rant in this post. Sometimes it’s nice to let those Germans have a break and eat their Sauerkraut in peace. In the meantime, I wish Die Mannschaft lots of luck for the final and hope they come back home with the trophy in hand.



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